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Classic Skin Cares

Skin Cares are applied in such a way that skin is cleaned thoroughly accompanied by natural products by the refreshing impact of thermal water on skin and refreshed with masks selected as per the skin type. In the beauty parlor, it is enabled for the skin to be cleaned and cared accompanied by natural products by the refreshing impact of thermal water on skin. First of all, skin pores are opened by applying steam bath. Blackheads are removed.

The skin is enabled to be purified from make-up wastes and dead skin cells and refreshed by peeling (purification from dead skin). At Sağlıklı bir vücut bize enerji ve yaşama zevki verir. Özellikle günlük yaşamda stres ve telaş bizi çok etkiler. Vücudumuz yorgun düşer. Bu durumla mücadele etmek için çeşitli vitaminler önemli rol oynar, is compacted with tonic. Special creams, vitamins and masks varying for every type of skin are applied to face and neck by massaging by means of “NBSP” I. Finally, blood circulation is accelerated by "HOT FREQUENCY". By this way, your skin appears soft, clean and smooth within 45-60 minutes.

Intensive Skin Bath

Special lifting complex products included in the intensive skin bath noticeably cure the elasticity of the skin by moistening and accelerate the refreshing of the skin as well as they reduce the aging traces. They protect the skin effectively against wrinkles and chaps to newly occur. They prevent the skin from early aging in 3 ways and “phytıc acid” obtained from rice seed protects the skin against free radicals. Wheat proteins reduce the existing wrinkles and chaps while "multıtencfyn" prevent fine chaps and wrinkles from forming.

Acne and Pustule Care

Intensive care developed specially for acne and oily skins and used for removing the problems spoiling the beauty of the skin. Disinfects and makes the skin healthy by removing the problems on the skin.

Ampoul Crash (Instant Cure

Cure consisting of the mixture of various vitamin ampouls activates the cellular functions. Accelerates the cellular refreshing, the skin becomes more compact and appears fresh and bright.

C Vitamin Cure

A healthy body provides us with energy and life pleasure. Especially stress and hurry affect us adversely in daily life. Our body becomes tired. Various vitamins has important roles içeriğinde bulunan C, A, H, E, F, PROVİTAMİNB5 bakım kürü bu şikayetlerimizi azaltır. Cildi yumuşatır, sakinleştirir ve nemlendirir.

Cell-Regenerative Cure

A care cure including various vitamins prepared for regenerating the tired and worn skin, loading energy to the skin and refreshing the skin.

Oxygen Care

Oxygen is necessary for gaining the energy required for the cellular functions. Oxygen is an essential substance necessary for each cell of our body, the most important effects of oxygen are 1. Increases cellular metabolism 2. Feeds the cells on the epidermal tissue 3. Regenerates the damaged cells 4. Slows down the aging process of the skin 5. Strengthens and compacts the skin 6. Reduces acne at the active phase

Special Eye Care

Cricle of eye requires care due to the reason that the skin around the eye is 7 times more thin and sensitive than the other parts of the face. Eyes, the most attractive arm of beauty, are encountered with the risk of crow’s feet in early ages. For this reason, we provide you with special cares with vitamin ampoules ped masks and gels.

Face Massage

Massage made with special creams provides the stretch of the face. It has positive influences on migraine and headaches.

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