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Massage And Massage Types, Benefits Of Massage

The Massage has many beneficial impacts on the health of men; regulates the blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, helps the digestion and accelerates the disposal of the waste substances by activiting the lymphatic systems. These, when combining with the impacts introduced by the feeling of concern and kindness showed, provide an extraordinary healing not comparable to the today's medicines. And also in no time at all.

 Classic Massage

The classic massage, that applied fully to the body, refreshes the tissues, cells by accelerating the circulation and regulates the circulation and strengthens the çok ciddi bir şekilde ruhsal, zihinsel ve fiziksel anlamda rahatlama sağlar. The important thing is helping the person having massage to get rid of the prostration and stress of the day and ensuring him to feel himself energetic and rested in a comfortable and pleasant atmospher.

Sport Massages

It is a kind of massage that used particularly in the sport activities. The most important property that differs the sport massage from the classic massage is firstly that the Rhythm & NBSP (time and compression) are different.

Furthermore, the alerter movements are predominant and applied as particular to the branch. It may be made before or after the sport activity and also applied locally during the activity in half-times rapidly.

Hot Stone Massage

It is applied by placing the black, smooth and hard lava stones prepared by warming in the water on the certain points of the body such as the back, neck, waist, palms, intertoe and abdomen. In this application, the lava stones are preferred because they keep the heat well and cool slow. Since the heat, that penetrated into the body by means of the hot stones that provide a thermotherapy effect especially on the muscles, accelerates the blood circulation, it is ensured that the cells get in touch with more oxygen and therewith the metabolism accelerates. The periodic cares with the volcanic stones alert the energy centers named chakra in our body and purify our body from the negative energy and renew the spirit and body energy and provide relaxation in the spiritual, mental and physical sense.

Aromatherapy Massages

It is a massage method in which the massage oils prepared with the mixtures derived from the herbal nectars are used. The tempo of massage is low, severity of the movements is slight and it is kind of massage that having mostly the characteristics of relaxing, calming and restful. Because it has effects such as pain killer and muscle relaxant, toxin remover, refresher, nervous system balancer, depression and sleeplessness killer, memory strengthening and cell regenerator, it decreases the spasms occurred in the body after the excessive stress, tension, sleeplessness and active working.

Indian Head Massage

The massage type that applied in India for 5 thousand year. Relaxes and comforts the mind. Ensures to be purified from the emotional problems got stuck in the body. In order that the cells and tissues are fed and the body purifies from the toxins, it relaxes the muscle with its special method applied with aromatic oils to the upper body, back, shoulders, neck, scalp, hairs and face. Accelerates the blood circulation.

Sweden Massage

Type of massage used as the usual resting and relaxing method practiced in order the body to start the day healthily and for the purpose of getting rid of daily tiredness and stresses of the life. Important thing is to enable the person having massage to feel healthy and rested within a comfortabşe and pleasurable atmosphere.

Pregnant Massage

Pregnancy leads heavy loads on the body of a woman. Pregnant woman needs to be relaxed and calm down. This type of massage reduces the swelling, relaxes the nervous system, removing tiredness and acts as a tonic as well as removing the discomfort caused by the load on the body

Sweden Aromatherapy

Type of massage applied all body. Massage made with special oil obtained from the mixture of approximately 10 different herbs balances the energy of the body. Cures the pains by accelerating blood circulation.

Fruit Therapy Massage

Massage made with special oils including only fruit nectars specially provides a healthy skin by affecting the skin. Fruit nectars included in massage oils create a different atmosphere. Has blood pressure regulator, tranquillizer, antiseptic and anti-bacterial characteristics.

Delux Sweden Massage

Type of massage made with special relaxing and and calming oils affecting musculoskeletal and nervous system. Best type of massage especially for getting rid of tiredness and stress of the day.

Anti-Cellulite Massage

Main reason for cellutio formation is circulatory disorder. Most effective method for getting rid of is MASSAGE. Our oil including 15 different herb nectars enables the tissues to be fed with oxygen by accelerating blood and lymph circulation together with the massage. Enables the cells to be fed better by decomposing the regional fat and has important effects on healing over regional cellulites.

Anti-Stress Massage

Type of massage made with special painkiller and relaxing oils by soft pressures for alleviating your daily stress. Type of massage especially applied for the pains in head, neck, back and leg caused by stress. Price for 20-minute massage is 30 Ytl.

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