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Body Care Analysis

Device is a system identifying the fatty and non-fatty masses of body, caloric need and division of body numerically and graphically, providing the results of the data it has obtained to the user and being able to store the results of approximately 1000 patients in its memory for obesity and diathesis problems.

Pressotherapy (Pressurized Wave Care)

Body-connected sections of pres device accelerate edema flow and help to discard toxin out of body. Therefore, it is used in cellulite, edema care, fat collection and lymph drainage cares.

Beauty Heat (Heat Blanket)

A special care method used in body wrapping cares and toxin-discarding heat therapies such as algea and mud providing the opportunity for care with 3 separate parts that can be adjusted for heat degrees

Vacuum Cellulite Machine (Starvac Sp)

While moving the induction head, skin curves occur between two moving cylinder. This is a massage type made by the method of “hitting and rolling”. 2 spatulas located in front and behind of the cylinders enables for lymphatic drainage to be more effective. By means of Starvac, beauty and body care, relaxing massage is applied; disorders such as tired legs, anti-aging (composing oval of face and wrinkle cares) Therapeutic Practices Rheumatism are cured.

Ultratone / Future Pro

Ultratone Future Pro is system for all needs in face and body figuring. By means of the ultrason applicator, the opportunities for anti-aging, decomposing of fat stocks, reducing of chaps, and treatment of skin with acnes are provided.

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