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Special mixtures derived from the various Anti stress, Amplifier, Chlorothiazide plants, grasses, roots and resins particularly picked provide the individuals for relaxing and disapperance of their tensions by presenting to the individuals in the bath cure. 

Penetrate in-depth to the skin and renew the blood circulation system. Provide the softness and relaxation in the skin and provide perfect results on the skin disorder, itchings, arthritis and spasms and the circulatory disorders with regard to the senility.

Cleopatra Bath

Helps to discard the sloughs and dead cells thanks to the special minerals, salts in it and the milk and relaxes the body, settles the nerves and gives the softness and a fresh appearance to the skin.

Thyme Bath

Prevents the bacterial growth. Cures the cough and upper respiratory infection and pains with cramps. Provides the softness and brightness in the skin. Helps to kill the eczema and rheumatic pains. Cures the pustules on the face and also gives the vitality and brightness to the hairs.

Milk Bath

Relaxes the body. Settles the nerves. Provides the softness and slickness to the skin and cleans the skin without drying and irritating and helps the skin to stay alive. The milk is a natural method to eliminate the skin. Also, the milk proteins feed the hairs and provide them to gain brightness.

Daisy Baths

Gives freshness to the skin and provide beauty. Alerts the nerves. Improves the body resistance. Provide the organs to gain strength. Helps the kidney stones to fall. It is influent on the staggers. Has the features of breath opener and vasodilator.

Bath Giving Depth to Skin

Gives vitaliyt to the skin and provides it to be seen bright. Brings softness and a fresh appearance to the body.

Anti-Stress Bath

Helps to calm down. Provides dirüfinnes of the body.

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